follow this strategy for guaranteed weight loss

The first and foremost key towards aiming for weight loss is staying loyal and committed to that goal of yours. More than a diet plan or how strictly following it, weight loss requires your sheer determination and a strong commitment and will power. Moreover, if you’re up for a permanent weight loss then you’re required to undergo a commitment and consistency that’s a long shot. Firstly, make a goal and stay focused towards it. This is quite essential and vital because working towards weight loss requires you to be focused, dedicated and changing your habits. Moreover, all of these require immense mental and physical drives to execute it. You need to,

Sort out your financial and personal issues.
Manage the stresses of your life.
Later, begin with your weight loss plan.

important strategy that should be paid heed to is setting realistic goals. Yes you read that right, these goals which are termed as realistic lead to an effective and efficient weight loss strategy. However, an actual realistic goal would be putting down 1 kg per week. This can be achieved by burning 500 to 1k more calories than what you’ve disbursed in the whole day. Moreover, focus more on processed goals then outcome goals because you need to start getting rid of your old habits and activities and attaining new one’s which are more beneficial for you.

Since you tend to get active, you further need to stay active as well. A combination of exercise along with calorie restriction will help you accomplish a guaranteed weight loss a great deal. Moreover, excess movements along with an exercise helps burn much more calories. This refers to adding up to your physical activities along with the daily exercise you do, such as using stairs instead of an elevator or walking to a nearby shop rather than using a car. However, if you didn’t know but exercise helps in,

Boosting up your mood.
Toughens your heart.
Reduces blood pressure.
Losing weight as well.

Green tea has been a prime element in order to reduce weight. It can be used in the form of green tea leaves or tea bags which are brewed with water to produce the tea. There are girls and women who tend to lose excess weight before their wedding, to gear up for an important event or post-delivery, drink green tea pretty religiously in order to face swift results. Moreover, green tea consists of loads of antioxidants which help in increasing metabolism at one end and reduce weight on the other. Furthermore, green tea is loaded with catechins which work towards the purpose of burning fat by liberating fat from fat cells. So you need to,

Replace a regular cup of tea or coffee with green tea.
Drink green tea thrice a day.
Preferably after every meal.
This will further prevent diseases from coming near you and will also combat against free radicals