foot tricks that you must learn

Sticking Your Foot Out from Under Your Blanket May Promote Sleep

Sounds strange, right? Actually, it’s not.

Your body temperature drops at nighttime and contributes to inducing sleep. As you drift into deep sleep, its temperature sinks even lower

Blow Drying Can Help Your Feet Break In Tight Shoes

So you recently bought a perfect pair of flats, pumps or stilettos and you cannot wait to try them on. However, the moment you put your feet in, you are met with the wrath of a new pair of shoes. They are excessively tight at the front and hurt bad.

blow drying to break in tight shoes

Most people decide to bear the pain and wear them consistently for a week to “break in” the shoes by slowly forcing them to expand a bit.

However, a neat little trick can help you get there faster, and with a whole lot less pain, too.

Put on a thick pair of socks, then put on your tight pair of shoes.
Set your hairdryer on medium heat, and heat the fronts of your shoes as you wiggle your toes for 5 to 10 minutes. You can also heat the back of your shoes at the heels for extra stretching.
Turn off the heat and allow your feet to cool for a minute.
Take off your shoes, take off your socks, and your shoes are ready to wear again.

Use Petroleum Jelly or Deodorant to Prevent Heel Blisters

Often, the abrasive action of the inner sole of your shoes, particularly the heels, rubbing against your feet can leave you with blisters.

petroleum jelly to prevent heel blisters

Petroleum jelly and deodorant act as soothing agents that minimize the friction in the inner sole of the shoe and prevent it from coarsely grazing your feet.

It’s best to use petroleum jelly on just the heel area, and use deodorant on the rest of the inner shoe. Too much petroleum jelly can compromise the grip of your foot on your shoe.

Also, gently scrub the soles of your feet with a nail file to exfoliate any hard edges that may further irritate and aggravate your skin when it comes in contact with the inner soles of your shoes.

Use a Tennis Ball for an Instant Foot Massage

If you don’t have the time or money to splurge on a spa day or a relaxing foot massage, here’s a convenient trick you can try.

tennis ball for instant massage

Simply rub a tennis ball on the soles of your feet, applying some pressure. Your feet will feel surprisingly relaxed and soothed.