Format for leave application?

Respected General Manager,

I am Tom Smith, Senior Engineer from Geotechnical Division of this firm. There was an important conference yesterday in the firm in which all the senior engineers were required to participate and share their ideas. Business personals from foreign companies were their too. Unfortunately I was not able to come to that conference due to some serious reasons. My only son fell from the stairs and broke his leg. I was in the office yesterday when I heard this tragic news and then I rushed to home. Sir I have got only one soon and I could do anything at that time to relieve him from pain. Sir I am really sorry for not coming to that important event. I want to let you know that I tried my best even yesterday to come to office again but doctors advised me to stay near my son that is why I had to make a difficult choice of leaving the meeting. You are requested to kindly accept my excuse relating to this event and forget any bad air which might have developed between us.

I hope that you will consider my request for apology on fair terms. I shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness and I will remember it forever. Thanking you once again.

Yours obediently

Tom Smith

Respectfully stating that I , Ms Asifa Naeem, am teaching as English teacher at primary level. I write this application to inform you that I am going to file one day leave from school for the reason that I have to go to Rawalpindi for one day visit to Bari Imam shrine with my whole family. So I request you to grant my request for leave and arrange a substitute for my place for a day i.e 5th march 2015. I am looking forward for your support and co-operation of the fixture teacher as well.

Thank you
Asifa Naeem

Kristina Pimenova
Manager Financial Services

Dear Madam:

I humbly request that I have to bring about some home necessities from Market and some repairs of home. It would take a day to accomplish all tasks. Consequently I need a leave of day after tomorrow. Please allow me a leave. I would be very thank full to you for this act of compassion.

Your sincerely,
Ayesha Tariq