four ways your smartphone is now a medical device

Ultrasound: Becoming a new mom is exciting stuff! It is so exciting that some parents are opting to do ultrasounds at home with smart phone accessories. There are few options on the market including the Mobisante. The cost for this device is more than $7k, so it’s not very cost effective for the average mother to have. However many midwives are opting to use this device for home visits. There is also the iBaby. This ultrasound device not only allows you to do the ultrasound but you can also instantly print a picture with the device smartphone ultrasoundafter the ultrasound is done.

Glucose Monitor: Diabetes is a serious condition and keeping track of your blood sugar levels is not an easy or convenient thing to do. In an attempt to have one less device for diabetics, there are few companies that have created blood glucose monitors that work with your smart phone.

My favorite version of the device is the one made by iHealth. It’s very affordable ($16.95 for the device and $12.50 for 50 testing strips) and it has a sleek design. Check it out here.

Blood Pressure Cuff: If you are an individual who needs to keep track of your blood pressure on a regular basis, there is an app for that! Withings offers a wireless blood pressure cuff/monitor that works with your smart phone. It works with iPhones and Androids, and it gives you instant feedback on your heart rate results. It’s also one of the more affordable smart phone medical devices