fruit juice how much juice is too much

To many, this would apply to fresh juices also and the voices of authority say, “The more you drink, the quicker will be the results and benefits”. Well, who among us doesn’t want to shake disease and get well in the fastest possible time?

While most authorities inform us that there is no danger involved and only benefit to be derived from taking large quantities of fresh juice, I still advise moderation. Nevertheless, I am the first to concede that when dealing with live vegetable and fruit juices, it would be difficult to drink too much.

I have known people who went on a carrot juice binge and drank so much of it that their skin and eyes turned yellow. However, they did not seem to suffer any serious reaction to the large quantity of carotene ingested.

Well, I would never advise the drinking of gallons of carrot juice as such. If a large intake of juices is indicated or desirable, I would suggest a mixture of juices such as carrot, celery, apple, parsley, watercress and beet. In this instance I put the apple in for flavor, apart from its therapeutic contribution.

Actually, the addition of other vegetables may not be considered essential because carrots contain many vitamins and minerals. However, I prefer and advise variety — mostly carrots, but other kinds of vegetables for variety, flavor and improved balance of vitamins and minerals.

It is claimed that many diseases suffered by man are due to deficiencies of certain elements in the diet. The consumption of raw vegetable juices can correct such conditions and assist the body in returning to good health in the fastest and safest way possible. Vegetable juice, if properly made and handled, will contain almost all the vitamins, minerals and any other nutritional substances that might be found in the whole vegetables. Therefore, you are able to make up, to some degree, for the years that your body has been denied these vital nutrients and has thus become deficient in them.