fun ways to find out the sex of your baby

Colored Cake

What’s a party without cake (or better yet, cupcakes)? By adding pink or blue food coloring to a white cake mix, you have a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender. Make sure you get enough frosting so that no cake peeks through.
If you’re having multiples, have one colored layer for each baby. Of course you could also make one cake for each baby, because really, who doesn’t like more cake?

The Envelope, Please…
If you can handle the anticipation, have your ultrasound technician or OB write your baby’s gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Open the envelope in front of your guests, or let an honored guest open it and announce what you’re expecting.

Decorate Your Bump

If you’re having a party, gather everyone together and lift your shirt. You can decorate your bump with a ribbon or bow, or even with some makeup or body paint. If you’re shy, you can have a pink gift bow and a blue gift bow sitting on a table-- let your husband stick the right color bow on your shirt over your belly.
If you’re not having a party, take pictures of your decorated bump and send them to the grandparents-to-be.