funeral etiquette things you should never say

He sure was a miserable old guy, wasn’t he? No matter how much you disliked the personality or temperament of the deceased, it’s time to let it go and force yourself to say only positive things about him or her. It won’t do anyone any good to dwell on the negative past. So what if he was a grouch? He is gone now, so dig deep and think of something nice, even if it’s about what a good dresser he was.

How much money did she leave you? Why would you ask? Are you going to request a loan? This is a rude question that is absolutely none of your business. If you ask it, you deserve the snarkiest answer the person could possibly think of. The discussion of money is better left between you and your accountant.

We’re all better off without him. Maybe you are better off without him, but you should never assume that for anyone else. After all, what if he left a widow and six children who relied on his income and other support?