genius beauty hacks every woman should know

Use a Business Card to Prevent Smudgy Eyelids

You want voluminous, thick and stunning eyelashes for the social event you have planned for the evening.

Yet, every time you try to get that perfect coat of mascara going over your top lashes, you end up with mascara all over your eyelids.

This may have happened to you so often you have simply stopped trying to get your lashes thick and full all the way up, coating just the “safe” bottom areas and leaving the tips.

Well, business cards to the rescue!

Place the edge of the business card on the bottom of your lid where your eyelashes begin.
Using the edge of the business card, pull your eyelashes up. This will make the tips of your eyelashes perk up and level with the surface of the card, blocking the mascara wand’s contact with your eyelids.
Apply the mascara generously, allowing the extra product to smear on the card.
You can use the same trick on your bottom lashes. Pull your lower lid down with the edge of the card and apply that mascara all over the length of your lashes without fear!

Use a Toothbrush for Better Looking Lips

Dry, chapped and flaky lips are a common problem, especially during the dry winter months. Every woman suffers an occasional case of rough, moisture-craving lips that no amount of lip smacking seems to cure.

The situation gets worse when you’re getting ready for a social event or a business meeting and you just can’t get your lipstick on right.

It accentuates the cracks in your lips and can irritate the skin. Matte lipsticks especially make the dryness appear starker, while a glossy lip shade manages to conceal it under its shine.

Here’s a quick fix:

Dampen a toothbrush with water.
Apply a little coconut oil on your lips.
Gently exfoliate your lips with the toothbrush for 2 to 3 minutes.
Rinse your lips with warm water.
Apply a lip balm (optional).
Apply lipstick.

Brighten Up Any Eye Shadow with White Eyeliner

Some days, you might just want to let your personality shine and wear an upbeat color of eye shadow to work or a lunch date.

However, looking at your uninspiring palette of shadows might banish this mini-aspiration to the ground, and before you know it, you are sporting the same understated shade of blue or metallic.

It’s the look you usually prefer, but some days just call for a dash of radiance.

Here’s how you can brighten up your eyes without splurging on another palette:

Apply white eyeliner to your entire eyelid.
Apply the eye shadow in the color of your choice.
You will notice the difference right away.

Fix Greasy Hair with Baby Powder

You must have all had those mornings where you turned off your alarm clock only to wake up 15 minutes before you absolutely had to leave for work.

This leaves no time to step in the shower, shampoo and blow dry the greasy hair you’ve been putting off washing for a day or two now!

Some of you might go for a dry shampoo. While dry shampoo works for many people, it doesn’t for others, as it often leaves the scalp dry and irritated.