get rid onion breath

Consuming vegetables and fruits rich in fiber can help you fight against bad breath . Foods high in fiber is able to boost the saliva production, which will be beneficial in washing away the buildup of plaque. Some fruits rich in fiber are berries, kiwi, and pineapples. The natural enzyme content in these fruits will assist in breaking down sulfur compounds causing bad breath. Besides, fresh veggies, such as broccoli, celery, and red bell peppers, are rich in vitamin C, helping to kill mouth bacteria. Hence, you can consume more fresh vegetables and fruits to get rid of onion breath.

Water is applied as a natural way on how to get rid of onion breath. Drinking enough water has the ability to increase the production of saliva in your mouth, which will aid in removing all bacteria causing bad breath.

Hence, you should drink water regularly to get rid of onion breath.

This is another of top ways on how to get rid of onion breath. You may use toothpaste that has the mint flavor to brush your teeth to protect your breath from the onion smell. Brushing the teeth will eliminate the onion breath from your mouth and you will feel fresh after applying it. In addition, you can also apply flavored mouthwash to gargle after you consume onion. You should apply this for at least 5 minutes or more and you will see an improvement.

Yogurt can help you to keep onion breath at bay.

Apart from having a positive effect on your digestion, yogurt is capable of helping you to remove onion breath effectively and quickly. Therefore, you should consume yogurt after you have your meal as it will aid you in overcoming the problem of onion breath and owning a fresh breath.