get water ear

Tilt Your Head
The easiest way to remove water from your ears is to use gravity. That is, by tilting your head, the water in your ear will often drain out on its own. Sometimes, water is in your ear canal, but it’s not really stuck there.

By pointing your clogged ear towards the floor, the water can eventually drain and work its way out. Sometimes, this can take a couple of minutes. Of course, if you tilt your head in the wrong direction, with your ear facing up, water can go further into your ear—you don’t want that.

Apply Pressure/Create a Vacuum
Sometimes, gravity isn’t enough. Another way to get rid of fluid in the ears is by using pressure and creating a vacuum in your ear canal. With your head tilted to the side, you can press, push, or cover your ear with your hand, which will help create a vacuum. Remove your hand quickly, and the trapped water may drain. As well, gently tugging on your earlobe can sometimes open up your ears enough to allow the water to come out.

Pop Your Ears
Another effective way for removing water in your ear drum is by “popping” your ears. The Valsalva maneuver can help you with this. To use this maneuver, simply plug your nose and then attempt to blow out of it—gently! You don’t want to rupture your ear drum! The pressure will result in your ears popping, which means the Eustachian tubes in your ears have opened. Water may now be removed from your ear.

Use a Blow Dryer
One way to remove water in your middle ear is by using a blow dryer. Warm air creates water vapor, which is why the heat from a blow dryer can sometimes work to remove trapped water. Simply take a blow dryer, put it on its lowest setting, and hold it about one foot from your ear, blowing directly inside. Alternatively, you can pass the air across your ear rather than directly into it. After a few minutes, water may begin to drain from your ear. Be careful not to use a high setting, as that can burn your ear. And don’t touch the dryer to the skin of your ear