granulated sugar nutrition facts calories and health benefits

All sugars have around the same number of calories per gram weight. The calorie count may vary according to teaspoon because the texture of raw sugar is sometimes heavier, and teaspoon is a measure of volume, not weight. For example, a teaspoon of turbinado sugar weighs 4.6 grams and contains 18 calories, a teaspoon of granulated white sugar weighs 4.2 grams and contains 16 calories and a teaspoon of dark muscavado weighs 5 grams and contains 20 calories. Per 100 grams, though, turbinado contains 399 calories, dark muscavado contains 384 calories and light muscavado contains 395 calories. For comparison, a 100-gram serving of granulated white sugar contains 387 calories.

Sugar is almost 100 percent carbohydrates – regardless of whether it’s raw or highly refined. Raw sugar may sound like it’s better for you, but it still goes through varying degrees of processing and bleaching. Retaining some of the molasses means raw sugar has a minuscule amount more iron and calcium than granulated sugar, but not enough to have a true impact on your diet.