Had bone scan 2 months ago no arthritis, also just diagnosed with fibromyalgia could it have been the fibro?

Yes joint pain is a symptom of fibro and yes i get those too hands, knees etc but I am talking about in the bone itself. I get radiating pain through my hips, pelvis and down my upper thighs. its not joint pain its defiantly bone pain hence me thinking it was arthritis

Just frustrating as this is a pretty recent thing didn’t get ‘bone’ pain before. Wondering what has changed in the past 18months. Consultant has written to my G.P to tell her to change my painkillers from co-codamol to tramadol and for me to try a duloxetine in place of fluoxetine. He did want me to have fentanyl patches but having had oxycontin in the past and hating being like a zombie i refused