have anxiety disorder and vimitting whenever i am having tension of exams or visiting any person,even my family member

. i also cannot eat at out like restruant or party. i feel uncomfortable with any person and cant eat any t hing in front of others. even if somehow i eat my food just after that everything is vom itted out.i cannot eat on the day of my exam till its all over… or i ll have to vomit…i had to leave my tutions coz i could not eat properly and vomitted my lunch almost everyday.i cant bear populations.i f eel suffocated between only 4 people…i m worried.before my exams when i have to meet anybody my handsand feets become too cold and my stomach as well as neck becomes too hot…make my uncomfortable and i am unable to eat anyrhing. I am too thin rather thinest in the world. I am 18 years old ang my wieght is just 30 kgs…this year is my 12 boards and medical competitions…all these are too much tension so i am forgettting everything…plz hlp

I have this too. Exactly. Feel sick before exams, meeting people etc. The cold hands and feet, everything. You aren’t alone.