Have copd. having sex dangerous?

When I have sex and have a orgasm, is it dangerous to me as it causes me to have difficulty with breathing. I have been diagnosed with emphysema/ copd.

Avoiding sexual intimacy is not the answer and being diagnosed with COPD does not mean the end of your sex life.

Here are few tips:

To avoid bronchospasm during intercourse, use a bronchodilator immediately prior to and during sexual relations, if necessary.

Avoid sexual activity immediately following a heavy meal. This may increase your fatigability.

Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature prior to engaging in sex. Use a fan during intercourse to keep from overheating.

Avoid alcohol prior to having sex as it can interfere with sexual abilities.

Clear your bronchial secretions prior to engaging in sexual activity. This may lessen the severity of breathlessness during sex. If you are having difficulty clearing your airway, try the controlled coughing technique.

Choose easy sex positions that require the least amount of energy. For example, laying side to side during intercourse is much more comfortable and uses far less energy than the top-bottom position.