Having been diagnosed glaucoma, how can i cure it naturally without using prescribed eyedrops?

The doctor has prescribed eye drops for me to use, he says for the rest of my life. These eye drops will change my eye colour to brown (from blue). This freaks me out, and i am looking at alternate ways of reducing the pressure in my eyes without resorting to this prescribed medication. Can you please advise? Thank you

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In glaucoma, the eyeballs suffer increased pressure. Vitamin C helps to lower eye pressure. So have food rich in vitamin C.
Have boiled carrots as well as the water in which the carrot is boiled without adding any seasoning.
Glaucoma if untreated can lead to loss of vision so better take care.

consult with another ophthalmologist. as glaucoma treatment include prescription eye drops, laser, or microsurgery so u can opt for another one.

Bilberry is considered as an antioxidant which protect and strengthen the capillary walls of the eyes, and thus is especially effective in protecting against glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
some evidence suggest that regular exercise can reduce eye pressure on its own, and can also have a positive impact on other glaucoma risk factors including diabetes and high blood pressure.