healthy snacks preschoolers can make


Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make - Your preschooler can make these simple snacks all by herself!

In the very first Beginner class in our Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, the kids learn to spread with a butter knife.

As long as you have a small tolerance for a sticky mess, your 3 and 4-year-olds can spread peanut butter on celery, and they’ll love placing the “ants” down the log (raisins or dried cranberries).


This photo is from the very first time Mary’s daughter got to do the Kids Cook Real Food classes because she turned two. She was so excited and ready to do what she had watched big brother and sister do already! Look how awesome she’s doing!

We teach kids very safe knife skills and see dull knife skills like slicing bananas as an important prerequisite to the techniques they’ll need for sharp knives.

I highly recommend teaching your young one safe knife handling rather than just handing them a butter knife simply because you know it won’t hurt them – you can enroll in the course to see best how to do it!


Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make - Your preschooler can make these simple snacks all on their own

The classic PB&J is possible once spreading skills are in effect, but in our family we don’t often have bread around. It’s super fun for little ones to spread nut butters (or cream cheese) onto bananas they’ve just sliced and eat them like little Oreos.

My kids fawn over anything they can make with our Victorio apple peeler gadget (found on Amazon), and peanut butter apple sandwiches are definitely a favorite kid-made treat. They need a little help with the gadget, but man do they enjoy turning the crank themselves! My 8-year-old is the one demonstrating in the photo, but my 4-year-old can do it too.