Help with treating heartburns with naturally?

I have a history of getting heartburn if I eat something in particular or just eat too much. Now, on top of that, I get them: - in the morning if I eat right before bed - at night if I go to bed hungry - when I’m pulling an all-nighter - when I exercise too much -when I don’t exercise enough - hungry in a moving vehicle (especially planes) - sometimes randomly when I’m lying down ready to go to sleep I’m not sure if the severity or frequency points to GERD; these heartburns come at very erratic times. Sometimes it’ll come for days then stop for weeks before coming back. The first two check marks came when I went on a modest diet (slept hungry) then collapsed when my pms demanded I eat everything in site (slept full). I’m not on a diet and gained my pounds back (unfortunately). Now it’s very hard for me to control my hunger before bed (college + job = no structure in eating time and not enough sleep in general) Any advice? Preferably holistic or CAM, I don’t want to be hooked on OTC heartburn meds.