home remedies firming sagging breasts

Ice Massage

When ice comes in contact with the skin, the tissues tend to contract. According to a research, cold water tends to contract the muscles and makes them more stiff (2). Ice massage tightens the skin and alleviates any kind of soreness prevailing in the muscle (3).

Take ice cubes and massage them on your breasts in a circular motion for a minute. Now, Use a towel to dry the breast. Wear a tight bra immediately and lie back in a relaxed position for 30 minutes. Practice this remedy several times in a day.

Massaging the breast with olive oil is by far the best technique to make the breast firm and stout. The presence of a plenty of antioxidants and fatty acids counteracts the harm done by free radicals (4). Olive oil nourishes the skin and improves its texture at the same time (5). Rosemary oil can also be mixed with this oil to enhance the effects. The oil increases collagen production in the skin that tightens the skin.

Egg Yolk and Cucumber

Application of masks is one of the finest remedies for reducing the sagginess of breast. Cucumber is extensively used in many facial masks due to its skin tightening ability (6). Cucumber contains beta carotene that reduces premature aging. Another ingredient, egg yolk, is enriched with loads of proteins and vitamins that heal the skin and repair any kind of damage done to it


Fenugreek is a beneficial herb. As per Ayurveda, it is believed to be effective in treating sagging breast. The vitamins and antioxidants contained in the herb counteract any kind of damage to the skin cells of the breast.

Add water to ΒΌ cup of powdered fenugreek such that a paste is formed. Massage with this paste on your breast in a circular motion for 15 minutes, and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Wash with warm water. Perform this remedy twice a week to get desired results.