home remedies for anorexia


Cinnamon is a great home remedy that promotes the secretion of juices beneficial for your digestive system. Add a tsp of powdered cinnamon to a litre of water. Stir properly and consume 2 glasses of this water about half an hour before meals. It will surely boost your hunger.

Lime also induces the hunger and subsides the effects of fatigue and nausea. Mix 2 tsp of lime juice in the boiling water; add 2-3 cloves to this mixture. Let it cool down to normal temperature. Drink it once daily for a week to enhance your appetite.

Alternatively, mix equal quantities of lime juice and ginger juice in a bowl; add a pinch of rock salt to it and cover it with a muslin cloth. Now place it in the sunlight for 3 days. Afterwards, take a tsp of this mixture every day before your meals. It will improve your digestion.

Black pepper is often added to most of the dishes to enhance the taste as well as to improve the digestion. Grind five black peppercorns and add honey to it to make a paste. Consume a spoonful of this paste on an empty stomach every morning to enhance the appetite.

Alternatively, add a pinch of black pepper powder to buttermilk. Drink it regularly to boost your appetite.
Or, you can also add a pinch of black pepper powder to pomegranate juice.

Carrot juice is helpful in the secretion of gastric juices to improve your digestive system. It also cleanse the digestive tract and flush out the toxins. Add carrot juice to a glass of warm water and have it to treat the symptoms of anorexia.