home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome cts

Take breaks from repetitive tasks
Whether you’re typing, playing guitar, or using a hand drill, try setting a timer for 15 minutes. When it goes off, stop what you’re doing and wiggle your fingers. Stretch your hands and move your wrists to improve blood flow to these areas.

Wear splints on your wrists
Keeping your wrists straight can help relieve the pressure on your median nerve. Symptoms are more common at night, so wearing a splint in the evening may help relieve your symptoms before they start. If you have issues with repetitive tasks at work, you can also wear wrist splints during the day.

Lighten up
If you find yourself straining or forcing tasks such as writing, typing, or using a cash register, relax your grip or reduce the force you’re using. Try using a soft-grip pen or tapping keys more lightly.

Mind your flexion
Avoid activities that make your wrists flex to the extreme in either direction. Try keeping your wrists neutral as much as possible.