Home Remedies for Diabetes?

Submit your home remedies for Diabetes.

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Take bitter gourd every morning to cure diabetes.

Soak a few seeds (1/4 tsps) of methi in water overnight. First thing after you brush your teeth in the morning, gulp down the methi along with the water.

Jambul fruit is considered as an effective medicine for diabetes considering its effect on pancreas. The seeds too can be dried, powdered and had with water twice a day.

The guava is among those fruits that are available in most times of the year. With its vitamin C property and high fibre content, this is perhaps one fruit that diabetics can fearlessly have. However, a recent study has shown that having guava with its skin can heighten the blood sugar levels, so make sure you peel off the skin before consumption.

Gooseberry/amla juice too cuts the blood sugar levels.

If you can’t do without sugar in your coffee or tea, try and substitute honey.

Studies have shown that black coffee without sugar cuts the risk of Type 2 diabetes

Among other benefits, green tea is also helpful in reducing the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body.

Also make regular walk and exercise part of your routine.

Take one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds into one glass of water,keep boil it for 10 minutes,after that filter the decoction in a glass, cut half lemon and squeeze the juice from the lemon ,take one spoon of pure honey, mix these three items and drink the juice.
It gives the stamina to diabetes patients and helps to produce the insulin.

  • Somanath Krishnasa

Every time u eat something drink kefir water, the enzymes will eat most of the sugar … :slight_smile: