Home Remedies for Earache?

Submit your home remedies for Earache.

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my Grandmother used olive oil when they had ear infections as kids. You heat the olive oil, dip a cotton ball in and put it in your ear. Needless to say, I was back to a painfree sleep. It helps to relief the pressure and pain. An ear infection will take a few days to get over so just repeat.

Gramma Mary’s Ear Ache Remedy

For ear aches, ear infections, even an infection of the inner ear that is un-responsive to antibiotics. I’m the youngest of eleven children and I had ear aches as a child and this always worked for me.

My mom would bake a medium sized onion(with outer peeling removed) in the oven @ 350 for about an hour or until it would prick easily with a fork.(I cannot vouch for microwave). Remove the onion, place it at the bottom of a canning jar, wrap the jar in a towel so as not to burn your hand, prick the onion to release the steam. Place the affected ear over the opening to allow the steam of the onion to sooth and penetrate the ear. You can use a smaller onion and a smaller jar for a small child, the opening will be better for their little ears) Leave it in that position until the steam is no longer being released, the heat alone feels wonderful. It almost immediately eases the pain.

I know of a child scheduled for tubes to be surgically placed in her inner ear for drainage due to repeated infections that were un-responsive to antibiotics, who responded to this treatment the night before the planned surgery. When the doctor checked her ear the infection was completely resolved and the surgery was cancelled. The childs mother wanted to know if she could pay my mom,just knowing a child was no longer suffering was more than enough payment. We know now that onions have a natural antibiotic property and the heat may also help to improve circulation. It won’t hurt to try, and it just may help. So what have you got to lose, onions are cheap!
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My 3 year old son is just getting over a cold and today he developed an earache. I placed a tsp of extra virgin olive oil in a small dish, then placed that in a larger dish full of hot water up to the rim of the smaller dish. Let it sit for a few minutes until oil feels just above body temp. Use a baby medicine dropper or your (clean) fingertip to drop it in the ear and place a piece of cotton ball to hold the oil in. W/in 5 minutes he was jumping around, not crying anymore. I asked him if his ear felt better and he said, Yeah, all better Mom!

Thanks. nice tips.