home remedies for eczema scars

Honey And Sugar Mixture

Honey can help you give a relief from eczema marks. After you wash the affected areas of your body, apply honey on them. Then you add crystallized sugar to honey, and scrub your eczema scars with this mixture. Finally, after 10 minutes, you rinse them off with cold water. Repeat this remedy daily until you can see your desired results.

Using Shea butter and lemon juice in 2:1 ratio is known for lightening eczema scars. You simply rub the mixture on your marks and let it leave for the night. In the next morning, wash it with clean water. Use this home remedy to see how to get rid of eczema scars until you see the marks disappear.


It helps your skin structure, which may lead to healthy and firm skin. Also, collagen is famous for its ability to heal wounds, so it is actually a good choice for people who are trying how to get rid of eczema scars.

While collagen naturally turns up in the body, some factors including age, diet, bad habits can reduce the collagen production of your body. You have to limit smoking, sugar and alcohol to help your level of collagen increase. Some other ways to increase extra collagen would be consuming more vitamin C through foods with high concentrations or supplements, getting collagen injections or taking collagen supplements.

Collagen injections can give you the fastest results, but they are quite costly. Getting a balanced diet and taking in collagen supplements are less expensive, but you have to wait a couple of weeks or even months to be able to notice the results.

Bio-oil is highly recommended for its ability to reduce the occurring of scars and soothe the skin. Although it is a bit expensive, it is known as a great oil that can hydrate and moisturize the skin. Besides, bio-oil is also known to protect our skin from irritants including sweat and fabrics. Bio-oil can be bought online or in drugstores. While it is advised to use directly, there is not any evidence to show that using this oil too much can be harmful to the skin.