home remedies for spider bites

Cold water and Ice
Place the spider bite under a gush of cold water. After that, rub it with ice. The pain and swelling can be considerably reduced.Elevate the affected region of the body. This helps to reduce the pain of the spider bite. Keep the bite under running cold water for about 10 minutes and then apply ice intermittently. Continuous application of ice may numb the skin too much which delays recovery.

Onion juice
Get a fresh and pungent onion. Peel its skin and crush it to smaller pieces. Press the onion on a sieve to take out its juice. Pour this juice on the spider bite. It can provide relief from sharp pain of the spider bite.

Boil some potatoes with their skin. Now, cool them and mash them up.Apply the mashed potato on the skin in a thick layer over the spider bite. Cover it with a bandage if needed. The potato effectively reduces swelling and also takes the sting out of the bite. The pain is visibly reduced. Keep the potato on the skin for as long as desired. It provides great relief from spider bite pain and swelling.

Activated Charcoal
This is also called activated carbon. It is very fine powder of charcoal and is excellent at drawing out poisons. Activated charcoal performs a function called adsorption.
Get some activated charcoal and add some water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the spider bite. Keep it for 1 hour and then wash off. Reapply after about 30 minutes.