Home Remedies for Tinnitus?

Submit your home remedies for Tinnitus.


I’m not trying to harm anyone, but I know what pain is like and doctors sure can take their time helping you, I have a friend that has tinnitus bad, hes tried everything, no help from the doctor, hes tried all kinds of things but nothing worked, he told me he was at his end with the ringing in the head, he has trouble to cope with the pain, so along with trying all kinds of things, hes found that 3 tbsps of Buckleys Complete along with Claritin for allergies and sinuses worked for him. He takes this everyday.

IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to exceed taking Buckleys Complete after fours days you should go see your doctor, so its at your own risk.

I know pain is no fun, so if your at your end and nothing else works you could always try this, Good Luck!!