Home Remedies for Toothache?

Submit your home remedies for Toothache.

swish mouth out with southeren comfort for 3 minutes and spit out …repeat 3 times every 4 hrs …works great … also rub vicks on the outside of your lower or bottom jaw depending if the pain is upper or lower …

Vanilla Extract, q-tips: Take 1 q-tip, dip into vanilla extract, rub q-tip around all sides and on top of sore tooth or teeth. Works longer then leading brands.

Mix salt and black pepper, keep the mixture in the painful area. Relives pain due to caries tooth.

MANUKA HONEY! Suffering from xerostomia (dry mouth) my teeth, over time, “disintegrate” above the gum line. (I brush frequently, drink plenty of fluids throughout the day & chew xylitol gum before going to bed keeping it in my mouth until breakfast the next morning to try & fight the xerostomia.) I have no cavities or gum disease.

Because of the teeth wasting away above the gum line I've had several abscesses (one of them felt like my tooth was in labor and one side of my face was swollen down to the jaw line & took 2 "treatments".)  I put a small amount of Manuka honey on a small piece of cotton and place between my cheek & the affected tooth (usually at night when one is usually not drinking or eating).  The pain is noticeably better usually within 30 minutes.  The next morning I'm eating & drinking - NO problem.

If the tooth has a hole in it, I dip a Q-tip into the honey, pull the swab tip off by placing the stick between my front teeth & pull until the tip comes off & plact the honey-dipped swab tip into the hole in the tooth.  This works best at night when one is not eating/drinking.

Make sure you get USDA certified organic Manuka honey with the UMF rating on the label (UMF runs from 5+ up to about 30+ I think but I got EXCELLENT results using 5+ on a severe case of cellulitis & another time on a severely infected animal bite).  Other honeys may work but Manuka honey is the "mac daddy" of all honeys - the only one not affected by heat or light and still effective when diluted 20/1.

I've never had to have an abscessed tooth pulled yet but I haven't seen a dentist that won't send you home with a wad of antibiotics (which HARM your body) then have you come back the next day to pull the tooth.  Granted, if you have a tooth eaten up with decay you'll probably have to have it pulled eventually BUT this will certainly get rid of the pain of the abscess, [b]quiet down the exposed nerve[/b] (if one is exposed) and buy you some time.

Manuka honey is also EXCELLENT for reversing gum disease as well as preventing cavities & eliminating bad breath because it destroys the bad bacteria.  Just a weak rinse solution will do the trick.

Like I said, there may be other honeys that may work as well but Manuka is EXCELLENT in eliminating pain from so many things - especially burns & reduces scabbing and scarring (which comes from the scabs).

If I'm out of the honey & need it quick I go to a health food store (NOT a "box" vitamin store i.e., GNC) but usually shop on line to price compare for the best deal as it runs around $30 a jar BUT goes a LONG way as it's so powerful it only takes a little bit.