home remedies for whooping cough


The first tip in the list of homemade remedies for whooping cough is none other than the excellent expectorant – ginger.

The powerful antibacterial property from ginger is capable of eliminating bacteria and together with immune-boosting property, ginger is effective at fighting against this infection as well as promote the healing


The antiviral and antibacterial properties from turmeric are what make it valuable in the list of home remedies for whooping cough[6][7].

Furthermore, it even brings out the therapeutic effect for coughing, especially dry cough.

Moreover, with the immune-boosting property, it enables the body to fight against infections


Considered a potent natural antibiotic, garlic is the ingredient that you are recommended to use in the list of natural remedies for whooping cough.

Together with antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is extremely effective at eliminating pertussis infection


Another core ingredient in the list of home remedies for whooping cough is honey.

Containing powerful healing property as well as antibacterial and antiseptic properties, honey is capable of destroying the bacteria causing the infection while easing its symptoms.