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As we mentioned in our earlier article, turmeric cures Gynecomastia and is a well-known home remedy used by the Indians since ages. The spice used in the Indian recipes is best known for its awesome ability to increase testosterone hormone levels in men. When the testosterone levels overtake the count of estrogens in the body, the enlarged breasts will naturally vanish forever. Turmeric is also said to burn fat and promoting liver health.

Fish Oil
The omega-3 fatty acids are excellent in helping with the production of testosterone hormones and Fish are rich in omega-3s.

How to use Fish oil to treat man boobs?

You can either take fish oil supplements or directly consume omega-3 supplements to increase the testosterone count in your body.

In case if you don’t like to take the supplements, then you can directly have the fish in your dinner. Consider Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel for best results

While the non-vegetarians can opt for fish or fish oil to get omega-3s, the vegetarians can consider including the flaxseeds in their diet. Yes! Flaxseeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also rich in lignans that help in balancing the activities of estrogen and possess antiestrogenic properties.

There are many causes, but if your Gynecomastia is caused by low testosterone levels in particular, then you should consider including the zinc-based foods in your diet to treat them. Zinc increases testosterone hormone levels naturally.

Foods rich in Zinc include – fortified breakfast cereal, oysters, yogurt, cashews, raisins, lobster and chickpeas.

If you don’t like these foods, try to take the zinc supplements, but consult your doctor and seek an advice before doing so.