home remedies leukorrhea vaginal discharge

Lady s finger (Okra): Lady’s finger has various useful minerals which are beneficial in Leucorrhoea. Take about 100 gm of lady s finger and add a liter of water to it. Boil this for at least 20 minutes to make an infusion. After it cools, sweeten the drink and take it daily as frequently as possible, till the symptoms are gone.

Mango seeds: Dry and grind the mango seeds to make a powder. Add a little water to this powder to make a fine paste, apply this paste outside and inside the vaginal tract to treat leucorrhoea.

Fenugreek seeds: Add fenugreek seeds to cold water and simmer over moderate flame for 30 minutes. Strain and use this as a douche. Tea made of fenugreek seeds , by boiling it in water and drinking it , can be very useful in treating this condition.

Rice water: Wash rice and strain it. Add honey or sugar to this water to sweeten it, before consuming it. This is a good remedy to get rid of itchiness and fatigue.

Betel nut: Betel nut is very effective home cure for leucorrhoea. Chew a few betel nuts after every meal. This also prevents future occurrence of leucorrhoea. Take some betel nuts, add some rose petals and crush together. Add a little sugar. Drink it or use this as a douche to apply over the genitals.