home remedies toenail fungus

Olive Leaf Extract
Another excellent choice for taking out toenail fungus is olive leaf extract. When taken daily as a supplement, this powerful natural remedy not only cures fungal infections. Olive leaf extract is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and can help lower cholesterol among other things.

Olive leaf extract is also a powerful detoxifier, so you may experience some discomfort when you first begin taking the supplement. In this case, consider lowering your daily dose while your body sheds the bulk of its stored up toxins. When you begin to feel revitalized, you can increase your intake to the recommended

Tea Tree Oil
As both an antiseptic and fungicidal remedy, tea tree oil is a great remedy for onychomycosis. First clean areas on and around the infection with rubbing alcohol then apply undiluted tea tree oil directly to the affected nails and let it soak in. After about ten minutes, gently scrub the nail with a soft bristle toothbrush. When applying tea tree oil directly to skin, consider mixing the oil one-to-one with an all-natural carrier, like olive or almond oil. Repeat daily until the new healthy nail grows out completely, then continue treatment for two to three more weeks to prevent regrowth.

Orange Oil
Orange oil is another natural anti-fungal that can be applied daily to toenails in order to cure an infection. Use a dropper to apply oil on nails and between toes. Let the oil soak in for at least one hour. Orange oil may be too strong for people with sensitive skin. If you find this is the case for you, dilute the oil at a one-to-one ratio with an all-natural carrier such as olive oil. Also, because citrus allergies are somewhat common, it is recommended to test orange oil on a spot of healthy skin before applying it to infected nails. (Many health and wellness stores have open ‘testers’ of their products for just such a purpose.)

Corn Meal
One of the more interesting remedies for toenail fungus is organic cornmeal. Corn naturally hosts a form of fungus that is harmless to the human body but deadly to Candida – the most common fungal parasite that causes infections in people. In a container big enough to fit your foot (or both feet if needed), mix one cup of cornmeal and about two quarts of water. Allow the cornmeal to soak in the water for at least one hour then submerge the infected foot (or feet) in the mixture for a half hour or more. While the frequency of use for this remedy is up for debate, sources have reported success with treatment performed as seldom as once per week. Others say to perform it daily. Because cornmeal is totally harmless to skin and nails, realistically the treatment can be repeated as often as you like.