home remedies tuberculosis

Garlic has anti bacterial property as it contains sulphur. This helps in destroying the bacteria causing TB. Garlic also contains allicin and ajoene which helps to inhibit the bacterial growth. Garlic improves the immunity of the body. Cooked or raw garlic can be used as a remedy.

How To Use?
• Boil four cups water and one cup of milk together add half teaspoon of chopped garlic and reduce it to one –fourth. Drink this mixture three times daily.
• Drink a glass of milk to which 10 drops of garlic juice is added before going to bed. To get better result, do not drink water immediately after consuming the remedy

Bananas are rich source of nutrients which will boost the immune system of the TB infected person. Bananas help to reduce the fever and cough caused due to tuberculosis.

How To Use?
• Make a juice of bananas and drink at least one glass daily
• You can mix one mashed banana with one cup of coconut water, half-cup of yoghurt and one spoon of honey and consume it twice daily to get relief from cough and other symptoms of tuberculosis.

Drumstick leaves have antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. This will help to eliminate the bacteria from the lungs. This remedy also helps to reduce the inflammation of the lungs caused by infection and coughing. Drumstick leaves are a good source of iron, calcium, carotene which improves the immunity of the body

Oranges will help to keep your lungs healthy. The essential minerals and vitamins present in orange rejuvenate the tissues of the lungs. Orange juice acts like an expectorant and relieves cough. Oranges help to prevent the secondary infections of the body by tuberculosis as it boosts the immune system of the body.

How To Use?
• Take one glass of freshly squeezed juice of orange and add a bit of salt and one tablespoon of honey.
• Drink this juice daily to nourish the lungs and to regain the tissues.