Home remedy to get pus out?

I’m sorry about the gross question. I have an injury similar to a carpet burn (except larger, slightly deeper and it’s infected). I’ve soaked it in water already, but I was wondering if anyone knows a home remedy that’s easy to make so get the pus out? I can tell it’s infected cause it’s inflammed around the edges and this shiny, oily liquid is coming out from it. Please help, I don’t want it to get really badly infected or even slightly worse. (Plus it looks really ugly and plain yuck!) Thanks!

Heat a clean glass jar (ie pickle, jelly, applesauce) in water. Be careful not too hot as to burn yourself. Putting it is a plugged sink and running your hottest warm over it should work but if not heat the water on the stove. Get it as hot as you can stand without burning. Place it open end on to the wound and hold it into place. As the glass cools it creates a suction. Repeat as needed