homemade lip balm

Cupcake EOS Lip Tutorial: Talk about turning something plain into something totally Instagram-worthy! These DIY cupcake lip balms are made from used containers paired with some seriously hydrating (and fun) ingredients that you and your inner kid can get down with

10 Minute DIY Lip Balm: With only three simple ingredients (beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil), you can have a homemade lip balm in less time than it takes you to go to the store and buy one. These are incredibly moisturizing and seriously fun to whip up

Crystal Light Lip Balm: You can make this lippie in your kitchen easily for under $5. Only requiring some Crystal Light iced tea packets and Vaseline, meet the DIY project you can do in under ten minutes flat

Lime Lip Balm: Ring in the warmer weather with a DIY lime lip balm that will keep your lips soft and supple even in the heat of summer.