how borderline personality disorder can impact college

A borderline person is the one that suffers from the instability of his internal impulses and feelings. People with such health problem have defects in process of information perception and interpretation, which refers especially to emotions. They can exaggerate emotions and reactions and act like it is normal. For them, they are not in trouble and the environment is in charge of what happens.

Thus, it is unbearably complicated to live, work or study with borderline people. They are not capable of dealing with their problems, like essay writing. They need some help with the question “Who can write a paper for me?”, because they are much stronger than they think they are. The fact is that people with Borderline Personality Disorder are emotionally like 4-5 year kids. But these kids have reactions of mature adults that can frighten others. Nearly 2 from 100 people have Borderline Personality Disorder that means that you find even college group mate has such diagnosis. It is important to know how to help someone with borderline personality disorder because there is no certain medical treatment for them.

They can undergo therapies, but without proper support and care efforts of a psychotherapist will be vain. As this disease influence all spheres of person`s life, it has an impact on education too.