How can a reflexologist cause a male client to have an erection?

we need to be constantly observing our client during a massage. It is our job to make sure they are A-OK and enjoying their treatment. This means being continually aware of any changes in their positioning, sudden jerks, facial expressions, shivers, skin colouring, breathing patterns, goosebumps or anything else that can happen throughout a massage. We decipher the bodies conversation and adjust our techniques accordingly. This being clarified, we will notice 100% of the time if our client is experiencing a boner. When they are face down it is not so obvious, but still apparent if it is making them uncomfortable.

when the client is lying face up, in a deep state of relaxation (often asleep and snoring), it is common for them to have an erection. In most cases this is no reason to be alarmed, abruptly stop treatment or freak out by any means. If you respond with negativity, you are at risk of harming your clients emotional wellbeing. After all, they have come to you for help and relaxation, you cannot then blame them for achieving that blissful state.