How can i keep my lips from turning dark when i smoke?

Im a female, junior in high school, and before you judge me, i dont smoke weed for pleasure, i smoke because i have chronic headache and migraine and it prevents it 90% of the time(years of advil/motrin/tylenol/ migraine relief has caused tolerance and it just doesn’t do the job anymore). I also keep good grades and take several AP classes ontop of regular school. Im really white, and for some reason my lips turn a deep pinkish/red when i smoke and its more noticable then my eyes. Anybody else experience this or know how to stop it? And also, i looked it up online and other people complain that their lips turn purple or black because of their pipe but thats not what im talking about(i roll papers). The color lasts until my high wears off. Any advice? Thanks.

No…may just be blood circulating