how can i remove chicken pox marks 4rm my face ??

i m 17 . n my fce hve 3 or 4 marks of chicken pox … i wnt 2 remove dem oll … plz tell me any thng … to remve dem ol … ??

I am karthik I am 26… I got chicken box during small age till now I have many marks on my face it make me to uncomfortable to look some one and my color also changed… Can I cure this mark by doing home remedies

Aloe Vera is known for providing many benefits to the skin including taking down redness, reducing the depth of scars and ridding your skin of dark spots. Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and break it open. Squeeze the leaf to collect the gel inside and place this fresh gel on your scars. Leave this product in place for a few minutes for best effects.

Make a paste with sandalwood, honey or rose water and apply it to the skin affected by chicken pox scars. Perform this remedy daily for as long as necessary to make these marks disappear.

Pouring fresh coconut water onto the surface of your skin several times a day can help to rejuvenate the skin. This is considered an ideal remedy for those that would like a quick treatment to remove chicken pox scars.

Many times chicken pox scars will start to fade within a year of the virus running its course, but those that would like them to disappear faster can use vitamin E oil to help the skin heal. Vitamin E oil will help to hydrate the skin which is essential to helping marks on the skin fade. You can purchase vitamin E oil over the counter and massage it directly into the skin. This massaging technique will increase circulation to the area, which will further boost the healing process while allowing the built-up scar tissue to feel soft and normal again. Use this treatment two times a day, evenly distributing the oil over all the areas that have the chicken pox scars.