how can I stop bleeding gums?

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Here are some home remedies for bleeding gums

  • Chew a piece of clove, euginol present in clove helps to treat bleeding gums.
  • Use a mouthwash (Listerine) to floss your mouth. This also helps to heal bleeding gums.
  • Mix a pinch of salt in lukewarm water and then use this solution for gargling. Repeat this gargling at least twice a day.
  • Take some clove oil on the tip of your forefinger and gently rub it on your gums. You can do this at least twice in a day.
  • Take a piece of clove and place it in your mouth for some time.
  • Take one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (indian gooseberry) powder and add it to one teaspoon of honey. Add this mixture to about half a cup of water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach at least for five months.
  • Make a paste of dried ginger and a small amount of salt and apply it on your gums.
  • Include a lot of fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet. Ensure that you have some form of Vitamin C and calcium in your diet.
  • You can wet a ball of cotton wool with a couple of drops of tea tree oil and then dab the damp cotton wool on your gums.
  • Avoid smoking and avoid taking carbonated drinks.

very useful tips, Thank you!