how can I treat lupus?

What can I take for medicine?

Treatment plans for lupus help quell the onset of symptoms and flares. Those plans may include:

		Physical and emotional rest
		Aggressive treatment of infections
		Good nutrition; and,
		Avoidance of direct sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light

Flares are to be treated seriously, however, as they are a sign that of increased disease activity.

Here are few tips:

- Before taking a new medication and before stopping any medication, always check with your doctor.

- Always be cautious before using skin and scalp preparations.Check that you do not have a sensitivity to the item by first trying it on your forearm or back of your ear. If redness, rash, itching or pain develops, do not use the product.

- Keep exercising as it is important in terms of good health. But any activity that gives rise to pain could be a dealbreaker between you and your disease.

- Control your stress level by doing deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

- Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and legumes. Include the food containing omega 3 fatty acid such as fish oil, flaxseed. Avoid foods containing hydrogenated oils, rich animal fats, and high-fat dairy products.

- Make sure you contact your doctor when you recognize a flare coming on.