how caregivers can save time and reduce stress

No one escapes the role of a caregiver. At some point in life, you give care to a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend, or another relative. Any person who served another in this capacity will verify it a worthwhile position. It’s something that family and friends take on willingly because of love for the other person and because it’s our obligation.

It demands a caregiver’s attention, time, and even sacrifices, but the gifts returned are significant.

After the experience, many walk away with added virtues like compassion, patience, and willingness. But if you provide extreme care for extended periods, the physical and mental toll is substantial. Although most people don’t connect health problems to caregiving, many admit they feel frustrated, exhausted, angry and even sad. Here is what industry experts have to say to caregivers about saving time and reducing stress.

Caregiving demands time. Consequently, it leaves a caregiver with little time for a spouse, children, and friends. In a study by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, more than 50% report that the responsibilities cause them to sacrifice vacations, interests or other activities.

To offer help and advice for the challenging times, asked over 100 experts and selected the top answers for family caregivers to use:

“What’s one thing a caregiver can do to save time and reduce stress in their life?”

Have a friend or professional caregiver help out, even if it doesn’t feel needed at the moment. It helps the caregiver build a comfort level with this, and a relationship with someone who they can trust to help out moving forward. Alex Chamberlain

Don’t be afraid to delegate. While you may be responsible for the care, it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything.

Hiring support can be of tremendous value. These could be people in your family—teens can be a wonderful, inexpensive workforce! Senior Care Auditors can visit the senior and assess them and their living conditions and report back to you. Rhonda Harper