how do i cope when i am alone on new years eve

Take a long bath with a good book.I think there’s very little in life that can top a hot bath and a good book for 30-60 minutes. Pour in some bubble bath (or shampoo, my favorite suds to soak in), light a candle, put your hair in a high ponytail and relax

Make myself an elaborate meal.Snacks are awesome, and I know some people aren’t into cooking. But making something difficult can have a really nice, therapeutic effect, like making birdhouse you can put gravy on. Pour some wine, put on some music, maybe make something that takes five hours and makes your place smell good. I’m thinking something that requires a recipe and maybe tricks from my good friends Ina Garten or Julia Child. I’ve always wanted to attempt beef bourguignon. I’m going to go to a Whole Foods or somewhere local and splurge on the best ingredients. I’ll also be saving a fortune on travel and bar tabs.

Mix up a drinkWhether your poison be bourbon or wine, beer or vodka…treat yourself to a few drinks without going overboard. It is New Year’s Eve and the end of the Holidays. You deserve it. Yes, being alone on late-night holiday means you can theoretically drink half a bottle of a bottle of Maker’s Mark, but that’s a recipe for depressed drunk dialing and a hangover. So I’m going to say a couple glasses of wine or a few nice cocktails. Just enough to feel a little buzz and sleep luxuriously, after. If you don’t drink, a milkshake will put you right the hell out and have the same dopamine-rich effect