how do I get rid of nits

I have always been scared to get nits and want to know how I would treat them if I got them

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This was my first experience with lice and I had no intention of putting poisonous chemicals on my child’s (or my own) head. The skin is the largest organ of the body and anything that goes on it, is absorbed into your bloodstream. The first night, I mixed about 3 oz of olive oil (same ph as skin), about 15-20 drops of organic tea tree oil, and about 15 drops of organic lavender oil. In a spray bottle on a stream-like setting, I sprayed our dry hair at the scalp, massaged it in, put a shower cap on, and left it on over night. In the meantime, I added about 20 drops of each tea tree oil and lavender oil to our regular shampoo. This is now our daily preventative shampoo for the whole family and treatment shampoo for my daughter and I. Both oils are natural insecticides and lice will not recognize your scalp as human (and therefore, they leave you alone). The next day, I used regular blue Dawn dish soap to wash away the olive oil (it’s clearly not all natural but still better than the bottled poison). No need to leave it on, just quickly rinse it off. Then use the metal-toothed combs, very small section-by-section. If you spot a nit that the comb doesn’t pick up, simply separate that stand and clip it off with the scissors. That evening, I mixed about 3 oz of leave-in conditioner with about 15-20 drops of each tea tree oil and lavender oil. No more lice and only 8 empty nits left when I checked the next day. Each evening, we used the shampoo, our regular conditioner, combed through section-by-section, and used the leave-in conditioner spray before bed. No bugs, no eggs, no poisons.