how do i know if my depression is getting better


When someone becomes depressed, his work or career is usually one of the first things to suffer. The person may not be able to get out of bed to go to work some days, may not be able to finish projects on time, may look disheveled at work and seem unmotivated. Someone who is receiving treatment for depression and is getting better will see positive effects at work. You’ll be able to get out of bed and go to work, meet deadlines and possibly get that promotion that you wanted before you suffered from depression.


Another area that suffers when someone is depressed is relationships with friends and family members. Depression can be a factor in divorce, child custody and the end of relationships. If you’re getting better and learning how to cope with your depression, you’ll have the energy and motivation to have healthy relationships. For example, you might have canceled your golf game with your buddies for the past two months but feel up for it again. You might meet your girlfriends for lunch or grab coffee with your sister.


People who are depressed lose pleasure in activities that they used to enjoy. For instance, a woman who loves to bake on the weekends, goes wine tasting with friends and knits after work may stop doing all of these things because they no longer seem fun. When her depression lifts, she’ll return to these activities and find them enjoyable again.