How do I stop facial hair growth after menapause

I am 62 years old and my face full of unwanted hair. I would appreciate a home remedy solution or an estrgen treatment. What do you suggest? Thank you

If you have just a few facial hairs, cutting or removing them with tweezers is a simple solution. There are a number of hair removal options available like waxing, bleaching, prescription cream, electrolysis, and laser hair removal. Check with your doctor to determine the right hair removal method for you.

Supplements containing phyto-estrogen (compounds that act like estrogens) such as soy may provide some of the benefits of estrogen in relieving menopausal symptoms. Consume phyto-estrogen as often as possible. Have 1 or 2 serving of meso, falxseeds, or tofu if you are not allergic to soy products.