how do i stop pain caused by an exposed nerve from tooth

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Apply a little tea tree oil or clove oil at the site of pain using cotton swab.

consult your dentist immediately if pain is severe or the area is swollen.

Know that you need to contact the dentist because there have been known cases of infection building up, not getting treated in a timely manner and the infection going to the brain which could lead to death so make your appointment! The dentist will numb your mouth, give you medication to relax you, some dentist’s offer putting you under should a tooth need extraction(pulled). When you call to make appointment, let them know your concerns/fears and they can let the dentist know. They will make you as comfortable as possible no matter what problems need to be addressed. Make your appointment right now and then come back and read the rest of this!
So, in the meantime, get yourself some Advil or Ibuprophen and take around the clock to ease your discomfort. Check with your pharmacy or Walmart for a product called “Ace”…this is a temporary solution to ease your pain. Ace includes a liquid anesthetic, round pea size pieces of cotton, and a tweezer like utensil. You wash your hands w/soap and water, gargle and swish with lukewarm salt water around infected area, then follow Ace directions. Also, to get a jump start on fighting off the infection, get yourself some Probiotics from Wal-Mart pharmacy and alot of people arent aware of this but If you check with your or a local Veterinary they now sell “Fishbiotics” or “Aqua-Mox” which is to control common bacterial infections in fish…this is the same Amoxicillin they prescribe at the doctor so humans can take these too. This will help TREMENDOUSLY and get you a headstart on clearing up any infection you more than likely have.
Stay away from hot/cold food and liquids.
Read up on Garlic, Cloves, And herbal tea for toothache as well! Good luck! You didnt make your appointment, make your appointment!!!Hope this helps! Sj