How do I treat anxiety and panic attacks

I’m 33 and have been dealing with the worst anxiety is ever seen. I cry sometimes 2 to 3 hrs without stopping. let me tell ya your face and eyes hurt so bad after. panic attacks… don’t get me started. Hart beating so hard I think it’s going to explode some times the regular heart beet is some place else while my heart just pounds 4 times fast hard then a pause and pound and back ol& forth. scary realy. so as I’m not a doc. nor anything close I will share what I do because I have taken many drugs and even though worked I don’t like relying on or taking them. so here is what helps. 1st. learn what makes you have anxiety or panic attacks. girlfriend or boyfriend? bills? relatives? . job? what ever it is that you are having problems with. write them down. sounds lame but try it. so now u know what gives you the crap you don’t like try to, the ones you can, cause you can’t all of them STAY AWAY FROM THEM. of you know ur girlfriend is going to make your heart pound don’t go see her or ask her over. for the ones you can’t avoid… remember that even though it such now it’s going to pass at some time. and if you can’t change something don’t stress yourself out over it. as I am typing this I… lost my state disability pay, no warning at all it just stopped. it’s 9/14/13 I think today and I have 2$ in my pocket, I have not payed rent or my car or my motorcycle payments. 1300$ I need now and have no one to beg for help. I’m going to loose my apartment car bike what ever else I have. and you know what? I’m not going to let it make me sick or cry or make my heard pound out of my body. hell no. I’m going to eat dinner. food bank at that. clean up my body (shower) get my butt into bed and wake up tomorrow and remind myself that yesterday was not so bad. to sum it up. IF YOU CANT CHANGE IT, THEM WHY STRESS ON IT. LET IT GO. WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE A CHANGE TO CHANGE. 2nd. sleep… yeah sleep. hard to do all upset and messed up I know. but, your mind is in a state of stress and confusion. stress hurts your mind. and that hurts your body. and that hurts you. set a time to be In bed. every night try to keep that time and DO NOT SHORT YOUR SLEEP. 8 HRS MINUMUM. and just so u know I have a hard time doing this step. 3rd. OK, I’ll make this one fast. I don’t know how to speel it but higeen. (hi jeen) lol what ever. no realy it’s important. before bed take a bath or shower. brush and floss ur teeth. put something that makes you smeel good on. lotion powder what ever. feel good about yourself. do it again in the morning. 4th. OK so I have to go now. so I’m going to say this stuff fast. these will be steeps 4 threw 8 or 6 or 10 what ever, drink water, lots of water practice breathing. slow down. in deep threw the bugger holder out the mouth. exercise. hard to do but walk run trow balls wash a car kick a tree dig a hole but do something. eat. sleep. stay away from that witch upsets you. worry less if you can’t stop or change something. fart. yeah why not. it’s funny. do it in front of someone. see if they laugh. love you. love you for you. your awesome are you not. hope this helps. mr.banger5150 if you like to talk email me.