How do you get arthritis in your head?

Yes i do mean the back of my skull is sore.On the left side only.I havn’t had any falls or bumps at all. No lumps either. I have heard since i’ve had RA & osteo its maybe just effecting my skull area now.Both forms of arthritis are nasty to have & i suppose its possible its gone to my skull(back of my head) now. Thanks for your answer.

RA affects joints and the skull doesnt have joints-osteoporosis doesnt cause pain in of itself-it causes thinning of the bones but is painless unless a bone breaks. It is most likely the muscles that are causing the soreness. I have had stiff sore muscles in my neck that also effect the back of my head. The muscles over the skull can get tight and cause pain. Try massaging your scalp (and down on the neck muscles too) gently to help relax the muscles and this should help the pain. If the pain doesnt get better, notify your Dr to look into other causes.