how do you tell someone about your ptsd diagnosis

Choose people who are trustworthy and understanding. Your PTSD and your trauma are very personal for you. This means you want to be selective with the people you choose. Tell people who are trustworthy and who can be supportive people in your life.

Will your friends be understanding when you tell them this information about yourself? Will they be able to handle the fact that you have PTSD?
Refrain from telling people who are negative, overly critical, or unsupportive. You may also want to avoid telling people who gossip or can’t keep secrets if you want your condition to remain private.

Make a mental or physical list. As you are deciding who to tell, make a list of people you want to share your experience with. This can be a mental list or a physical list on a piece of paper. You can order the people in the list by who you want to tell first, or group a few together if you want to tell two or three people at the same time.

You may want to separate the people into different categories, based on what or how much you want to tell them.
You may want to jot down what you want to tell each person. This can help you get out what you want to say in case you get nervous or upset while you are telling them.