How do you treat dyslexia?

From a person who has it an comes from a long line of family members who has it. Go on line look it up an find clinics who specialize it in ur area. Some of it is how ur eyes takes in doesn’t just effect learning.I also suffered from motion sickness on top of learning problems.the specialist I saw ran verious tests learning an vision then he had a case of lenses of every veryation of colors of rainbow spectrim an put them to my eyes like when an I doc puts lenses an asks u to read board.when he found right combo it helped but as u go on it gets better an ur colors will change. I went from almost black sunglasses color candidate of special ed. To pale almost clear blue not being candidate of special ed. In between the two colors was poppy yellow an green. Try colored see through plastic cover sheets to see what’s right for u.