How do you treat illness arising from geopathic stress?

Whilst geopathic stress is present it reduces your body’s ability to function; you may have noticed tell-tale signs such as: headaches, tiredness, sleep, weakness, general pains and so on. If these were being caused by geopathic stress things should noticeably ease within a week or two of the stress being neutralised. If geopathic stress has caused or worsened any particular condition, then at the very least removing it will stop it from aggravating the sickness and increase your prospects of improvement or recovery.

f you have noticed no ‘symptoms’, then you may not notice any obvious improvement; much also depends on personal sensitivities. However what you will have done is greatly enhanced your chances of maintaining good health into the future. Like smoking, diet or exposure to other sources of harmful fields, geopathic stress is best avoided for the good of everyone’s health.

There are no side effects from the process we use to neutralise geopathic stress. Some clients report temporary sensations over a couple of days or so as the stress starts to leave their bodies, including: er sleep, vivid dreams and a few aches and pains. This does not last long and is the equivalent of releasing toxins from the body.